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The ole’ BTV to ITH connection. 

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Strolls around the Cornell campus.


Where Are the Forgivers? - My Eyes Fall Victim

Here’s the first single from our new album. We’re so excited for you guys to hear this. Please re-blog this and spread the word! Let’s make this album huge.

It’s family, have a listen.

No filter needed.
#foliage #Vermont (at Town of Bristol)

Armadillos wrap up impressive season — Williston Observer.

Ok, so a few weeks have passed so the sting of not winning our third championship in a row has subsided. We were fortunate to win two in a row, and then follow that up with the best overall record in the league, so I am not sure “sting” really qualifies as an accurate emotion (Cubs fans don’t’ sympathize for Yankee fans when the miss another World Series championship).

We are an awesome group of players, and the fact that we have had a different  cast each year further emphasizes how strong our team is. We love the game, we love each other and as much as we love to win, we can accept losing as well. 

But we’re still the best team. 

Just ridiculous and prolonged foliage this year.

Observations on the fly after my first month in Ithaca, New York, USA.

  1. I’m from Vermont. I’ve seen my share of deer. The deer in Ithaca are like squirrels. I’ve had deer just casually walk by me on campus. They are EVERYWHERE!
  2. Ithaca is Gorges,” while perhaps true, gets old right about after the first time you see it on a t-shirt. 
  3. I’ve yet to actually see anyone wearing an “Ithaca is Gorges” t-shirt. 
  4. My guess is that once the Ithaca Commons project is complete, it will be the centerpiece of downtown once again. Until then, what a mess. 
  5. I’ve heard the term “Burlington Envy” from more than one person who lives in Ithaca. 
  6. The Cornell campus is breathtaking.
  7. It’s tough to live in two places at once; I fear I’ll end up not really living in either place. But I do enjoy the weekly commute. For now. 
  8. I miss mountains. 
  9. You will never know whether the grass is greener on the other side unless you actually climb over the fence. 
  10. I like red. I really love RED.

Gratuitous foliage shot. #Vermont #foliage #longtrail (at Nebraska Notch Trail)

So, this is cool.